Sideshow Sound Radio

Score Guide

In ‘Score Guide’, Wend and Will act as your score guides, identifying themes, discussing instrumentation, geeking out about their favourite musical moments, and providing you the listener with an entertaining accompaniment to scores they both share a huge love for!


Mouse Music

In ‘Mouse Music’, Wend, Will, Chris, Rachel and Todd explore the amazing history of Disney music, including the films, TV shows, video games and parks in three segments, film and soundtrack discussion, the Disney Music Archives and In the Parks.


Guest Appearances

Jiminy Crickets! 05/08/18 Episode 100 Jiminy Crickets 100th Episode Extravaganza

The Cartoncast 15/07/18 Episode 110 – Fantasia

Jiminy Crickets! 26/06/18 Episode 97B Part Two – Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Jiminy Crickets! 22/06/18 Episode 97A Part One – Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Jiminy Crickets! 23/10/17 Episode 82 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Cinescope Podcast 27/07/17 Episode 52 – Tomorrowland

Fans About Films 18/07/17 Episode 8 – PIXAR

Amusement Sparks 03/07/17 Season Two Remodels and Renovations

Jiminy Crickets! 22/05/17 Episode 69 – Disneyland First Timer Itineraries

Amusement Sparks 15/05/17 Greenhill Manor (Sideshow Sound Theatre)

The Cinescope Podcast 21/04/17 Episode 38 – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The SoundCast 13/11/14 Episode 77 – The Music of Marvel Phase 3 – Part 2

The SoundCast 03/11/14 Episode 76 – The Music of Marvel Phase 3 – Part 1

Composer Quest 30/10/13 Episode 58 – Halloween Composing with Sideshow Sound Theatre